RAP Management Asphalt Plant Micropiles

Project Location: Columbus, Ohio
Owner: RAP Management
Contract Value: $192,759
Anticipated Completion: 2017

When RAP Management decided to expand its operation, the proposed site presented some challenges when it was determined that the new building could not be supported by the exiting fill material. The choices for new construction consisted of two options: The first option was shallow foundations, but this option would require 10ft of soil to be removed and replaced with suitable backfill; The second option was a pile foundation system.  The second option was chosen and TerraFirm, working as a subcontractor to parent company C.J. Mahan Construction Company, installed 146 Micropile with an average length of 23ft. The design consisted of 14” diameter drill holes, with 8-10 inch casings extending the full length of the piles. The borings were advanced by CFA (continuous flight auger) through fill and terminated 3ft into shale.