CELL-A-FILL – Lightweight Backfill

CELL-A-FILL is an excellent structural fill material that is self-supporting and fluid enough to conform to irregular surfaces without compaction and easy to apply. It is strong, lightweight, dimensionally stable, impervious, and economical.

CELL-A-FILL, Cellular Ash Fill, is used as an excellent construction product to stay within budget and meet a critical time schedule.

The main ingredients in CELL-A-FILL consist of water, cementitous Class “C” fly ash, and foaming and reactive agents. Typical applications for this product are as backfill and protective cover and for consolidation.


  • Buildings and underground structures
  • Abandoned tanks, pipelines, sewers and other structures
  • Retaining walls
  • Bridge abutments
  • Tunnels and mines
  • Trenches

Protective Cover

  • Earth Embankments
  • Sand and Aggregates
  • Waste Slurry Pits
  • Coal


  • Sanitary and Hazardous Waste